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Get Launched with Ease and Speed!

What if you could finally get the idea out of your head and into action? 

With our signature Speedy Launch System, we will: 

1. Meet you where you are and give you a complete step-by-step guide to launch your signature program/ membership/product 

2. Create an idea that will make you stand out in your industry


3. Create the assets your business needs to Scale Up, combining DIY and Done For You services

CREATE            IMPLEMENT            LAUNCH

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What you need is a SYSTEM. 


Business Coaches aren't going to like me saying this, but...


1. You don't need another course.

2. You don't need another program. 

3. You don't need another "Pocket Product" of templates and empty promises. 

What you need is a system

We need to eliminate this false premise that we have to know all the things and have all the things PERFECT before we get your offer launched. 

Using my Speedy Launch System, I will help you take the knowledge and theories you have already learned and help you get out of your own damn way and implement the ideas so we can create the assets your business needs. 

Together, we will create a big idea that will make an impact and create the income you desire. 

The Speedy Launch System

Our proven Speedy Launch System is designed to make launching quick and easy. 


Before we begin creating offers and products, we must create a solid foundation for the success of your launch.



We will dive deep into your expertise, your audience, do market research and create multiple offers that will sell.


We will focus on the technology elements required to launch your product or offer. We build your business’s assets.


We will focus on creating a marketing and visibility strategy to push traffic toward your offers/products.

Successfully Launch your Offers 

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Flagship Program

High Ticket Program

Online Course

Group Coaching



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Mobile App

Content Updates



Retainer Services

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Affirmation Decks


Have a need for speed?

Get launched in as little as 14-days! 

Speedy Launch Accelerator

...From Idea to Implementation

Together, we will create your big idea (Program, Membership, Product). We will do that in two sessions. (Virtual or In-Person)

We will create the blueprint to get the big idea launched. That looks like strategy, copy, pages, graphics, syllabus creation, workbooks, and more. 

From there, we will give you homework and check in with you frequently and help you when you get stuck. 

We can connect you with additional "done for you" resources as needed. 

We are in this together! 

Frequently asked questions

What if I don't have my program or my idea figured out yet?

100% okay! I actually LOVE when you don't have a big idea yet, because it allows my intuitive 'pop rocks' to help you create an idea that will help you stand out amongst your industry.

Will you help me price my offers?

Yes! Of course!

How long will it take to get launched? What will you do for me?

We can get you launched as soon as you'd like. Once we have your intensive sessions, we will help you figure out what you need help with and what you can do.

Can you do it all for me?

Yes we can!

How we helped them...


Product Based Business to Service-Based Business

Before I began working with "L", she had only made about $1200 in her business over the last couple of years. She was frustrated that her marketing strategy was not bringing her clients. Using my Speedy Launch System, I helped her shift her entire business by turning her business into a service based business, instead of a product based business. The product became an 'upsell', not the main product. We are working together to get this new idea launched using a very secret speedy launch strategy and I'm so excited to watch her business take off!  

The Missing Piece in her Service-Based Business

"Thanks so much for our session yesterday. It felt great to hone in on what makes me special and how to communicate who my tribe is. I was amazed that you were able to get to the heart of it in less than an hour and put it all together. It was the missing piece for my messaging. [I did dig in a little deeper and tweak it a little today] Now I can confidently say that "I work with women who have made the decision to make their health a priority so that they can do all the things that bring them joy and need someone to help them get started and to guide them through the process." Thank you, thank you, for sharing your genius for getting to the heart of the matter so efficiently. I've worked with so many other folks who have weeks long processes that don't produce the same results! If you're struggling with how to articulate your genius, I highly recommend jumping into a session with Elaine!" - Dawn McGee


No Assets to Show for her Investment 

Before I began working with "D", she had already invested $30,000 in a program with disappointing results. She was really great at creating ideas and strategies for her clients, but struggled with being able to get her own signature program off the ground. She had written a book and really just needed someone to take her ideas and build the assets that she needed to help her clients. With a little work, we were able to convert her website into a all in one platform that allowed her clients to take immediate action, all while she was away at a conference. Now, she has the assets and the confidence to begin enrolling clients into her program. 


"I just want to show up and teach" 

Before I began working with "K", all she had was an idea. She wanted to teach other business owners who had a cleaning business how to grow to 6-Figures without going into debt. She said, "I just want to show up and teach". Our agency built her a website, created her platform, created a workbook, graphics, logos, created the email sequences, created a social media marketing strategy, and more. All she had to do was show up and teach!

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Laura Watson, Reno NV

"I know many of you know this already, but Elaine Turso is a ROCKSTAR! I am in complete awe and just needed to shout out loud to all our Polka Dot sisters and make sure everyone knows how amazing she is! If you need a business coach, you can NOT go wrong with Elaine! She has gently, yet firmly handled all my excuses. She has taught me more in the last 6 months than I have learned in the last 6 years. And, she has walked me step by step through the things that my brain is not yet equipped to handle! I am now ready to start enrolling in my new learning center in Reno and I seriously couldn’t have done it without her! THANK YOU Elaine! For your time, for your brain, for your butt kicking, and for your friendship!"


Bonnie McVee, Florida

"Mind blown that you could see that I had it all that I couldn't see that and that I already had everything I needed, you're just able to see it in a way that you could package it for me. So that I could have something to actually offer people in a way that they could understand it. Your damn pop rocks were like, boom, boom boom! You gave me action steps that were really exciting.  And, you know, coming up with the name of the program and the strategy you used, I had not heard it that way before.  It's not what everybody else is doing. So it makes me stand out. And giving me a way to use my gift as a way to get into conversation with people about what I have to offer is so simple and easy for both me and somebody who's interested without feeling like they're being sold to. All within an hour was that's just crazy shit right there. I'm not kidding. Wow."


Your Chief  Visionary Partner and Launch Strategist

My name is Elaine Turso, I am the Founder and your Chief Visionary Partner at the INsource It Marketing Agency. I help service-based entrepreneurs launch their offer from Idea to Implementation, so that they can make an impact and an income doing what they love. I created the “Speedy Launch System” because I wanted to eliminate the overwhelm and provide our clients with the assets they need to grow their business, including complete “Done for you” services.